Dive sites

Umm Ursk

Umm UrskOne of the most northern reefs – accessible from El Gouna only with perfect weather conditions – close to the street of Gubal. Due to medium to strong changing currents, this site is for experienced divers only. Entry point at the northern drop off, going south to a plateau in around 75feet depth. Big coral blocks with stonefish, loads of glassfish, as well as octopus can be seen here. At the drop off, sometimes white tip reef sharks and leopard sharks can be spotted.

Shab El Erg / Dolphin Reef / House

Shab El ErgDolphin Reef is around 1, 5 hours northeast of El Gouna. The reef is engraved by a small channel at the northern part of Shab el Erg. The mooring places are on the southern side and protected by the reef. Under the boat, there is a sandy area in a depth of around 36 feet. There are different possibilities to dive this site. Going around the reef, starting from west to be protected from the northern current. In the channel, there is usually current, but not very often it will be too strong to swim against it. This dive site is one of most popular sites for those who wish to encounter dolphins; also turtles and eagle rays can be spotted once in a while.


Shaab Abu Nuhas (The copper reef)

Shaab Abu NuhasSince the opening of the Suez Channel (1860), many vessels passed the street of Gubal on their way to the East. Around 2, 5 hours away from El Gouna and resting in the open sea, it only can be reached in good weather conditions. Some vessels disappeared and became victims of the shallow reefs, which lay just under the surface. One of these reefs is Abu Nuhas! Its position at the edge of the shipping route made more ships sink there than in any other place. The Bedouins named the reef “copper reef”. On the northern side of the reef, there are 7 ship wrecks – four of them are ok for diving.
» Ghiannis D *1945 + 30.08.1981, » Kimona M. *1969 + 19.04.1983, » Chrisoula K *08.12.1862 + 14.09.1869, » Carnatic *1940 + 06.10.194


Rosalie Moeller (another famous wreck)

Rosalie MoellerBuild in 1910 as Francis, it underwent a name change to Rosalie Moeller in 1931. Length: around 330 feet. Sunk on October 8th, 1941, just 2 days after the Thistlegorm. Most likely hit by a bomb on the right side, it went down into the depths of the Red Sea. The wreck lies at the northern side of Gubal Island in a depth from 90 to 150 feet. Travel time from El Gouna is around 2, 5 hours; the wreck can only be discovered by experienced divers. As the wreck is not frequently visited, it is nearly untouched and corals are abounding. Sometimes, bad visibility and medium to strong current. GPS 27° 39‘00“ N, 33° 46‘30“ E


Blind Reef

Blind ReefBlind Reef is a stretched reef resting in the open sea. Travel time from El Gouna is around 1 hour 45 minutes. On both sides there are drop offs and with good current conditions you can do wonderful one-way dives. On the southern part of the reef there are two mooring lines. One on the eastern side and one on the western side. The drop off on both sides goes down to a plateau in a depth of around 60 feet. Blind reef is known for its changing currents, which sometimes can be very strong. Therefore, a good dive site briefing is absolutely necessary. At a depth of around 60 feet you may spot a pink frogfish, turtles, barracuda, stonefish and other interesting marine life. Due to its extraordinary location, you might also encounter reef sharks.


Siyul Kebira (Kebira=big)

Siyul KebiraAround 1, 5 hours north of El Gouna, Siyoul Kebira Island offers a perfect dive site. The dive site covers the entire eastern part of the island. At the mooring point of the boat you will have sandy bottom at a depth of around 30 feet. Two big coral blocks starting in a depth of 30 feet going down to 66 feet are the first attractions of your dive. You can find moray eels, scorpion fish, lionfish and a group of Banner fish on the plateau. The reef then slopes down to around 100 feet. In this area there is a leopard shark, if you get lucky. Following the reef contour, in a depth of 60 feet there is another block with glassfish, big table corals and Gorgonias. After this block it’s time to turn and return to the reef and back to the boat. Turtles, rays, octopus, giant puffer fish and a lot more are frequent visitors at this dive site.


El Gilwa

El GilwaEl Gilwa is another dive site of the Siyoul Island. Three mooring lines offer different places to stay and – depending on the planned dive – we choose one of them. Current is usually coming from east, therefore we will make an easy dive following the current. After a few minutes, in a depth of 16 meters, there is a massive coral block with hard and soft corals, stonefish, glassfish, dancing shrimps and a lot more. In an old fishing cage close to block, sometimes you may find a crocodile fish or scorpion fish. Sometimes eagle ray, turtles and feather tail stingrays can be seen, as well a giant eagle fish. Close to the surface the reef offers little shelters, which look like lagoons in a depth of 1-2 meters, which you can visit after the safety stop to admire the sunbeams flickering and reflecting from the crystal white sandy bottom.


Shab El Erg / Poseidon Garden

Shab El Erg poseidonPoseidon Garden is protected in the inner circle of Shab el Erg. The mooring line is in the south part of the reef and under the boat there is a sandy bottom in around 36 feet depth. After decent you find a group of butterfly fish and eagle ray passing freequently. A little bit outside of the main reef there is block which is used as “cleaning station” by some fish. This divesite is shallow and you cannot exceed 45 feet of depth. Therefore the corals are enormous in colour , size, and variaty. You will find a lot of masekd puffer fish, giant calm shells in a huge coral garden along the reef.


Erg Abu Nugar

Erg Abu NugarAround 45 minutes southeast of El Gouna, the site is famous for its two Gotas and 7 blocks in between them. Maximum depth as this site is around 45 feet; therefore all blocks can be discovered during a single dive. A giant barracuda is frequently spotted here, swimming along the southern side of the Gota. Giant grouper, nudibranch , stingrays are just some of the species you admire see. There are also some ancient amphorae, covered by corals.


Shahabat Abu Galawa II (North Erg)

Shahabat Abu GalawaShabahat II offers two mooring places. One at the main block and the other one more to the north at a big anchor, lost by a ship years ago. From the north in a depth of around 30 feet you will start your dive towards east, where you will find several blocks in a depth of 36 to 45 feet. After the blocks, there is a drop off which reaches down to around 100 feet. Soft corals, nudibranch and a lot of colorful fish can be seen in Shabahat II.


Sakwat Abu Galawa

Sakwat Abu GalawaSakwat Abu Galawa is around 1, 5 hours south of El Gouna and is a very nice part of the Abu Galawa reef. There are two possible ways of diving this site – either as drift dive or as a round trip – starting from a sheltered lagoon, the reef starts from the surface going down to 45 feet as a long wall where you can find stonefish, scorpion fish, Gorgonias, dolphins passing frequently; there is a good chance to see a turtle which lives there.


Umm Gamar (Mother of the moon)

Umm GamarUm Gamar is an island surrounded by a reef. It is around 1, 5 hours away from El Gouna, southeast direction. There is a lighthouse on the island. In the northern and the southern part there is a sandy plateau starting from 35 feet to 75 feet. On the eastern side there is a drop off abundant with marine life. If you look out into the blue you might see tunas, jackfish or barracuda passing by, as well as a big Napoleon fish. In a depth of around 80 feet you will find a cave which you may dive into. After returning to the boat you will still see bubbles coming out of the reef – this is your breath from inside the cave. Big moray eels, octopus, lionfish are also often spotted seen in Um Gamar.


Shabrur Umm Gamar

Shabrur Umm GamarSharbrour Umm Gamar is around ½ mile south of Umm Gamar. On the southern part of the reef you will find a small wreck of a police boat, which sank here and sloped down the reef. The wreck starts in around 55 feet and you can follow it down in a line up to 110 feet, where you find the main part of the boat with its two V-Cylinder engines. The drop off itself is covered by a variety of corals, little coral blocks and small caves where you always find abundant marine life.



CarlessClose to Umm Gamar there is another reef called Carless. Since it is off shore, the weather conditions must be very good to reach this reef. Two big coral blocks starting at around 30 feet are the top of the reef. They are massive and go down to a depth of around 75 feet. Behind the block there is a drop off going down to 150 feet.

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