How do I get from the Hurghada airport to El Gouna?

If you don’t already have a transfer arrangement with your tour operator, we can provide a shuttle service. You may also take a taxi.

What is the distance between Hurghada Airport and El Gouna?

The distance is approx. 25 km.

What kind of wetsuit should I bring for diving in El Gouna?

In wintertime, we recommend a 5-7mm suit, and also bring a hood along. In the summer, 3-5mm is just fine; for most divers a shorty is just perfect.

What kind of clothing should I bring to El Gouna?

The climate is mild all year around. From December to April we sometimes have strong northern winds. For this period we recommend a windbreaker jacket and warmer clothing for the evening and nighttime.

What about the visibility in the Red Sea?

Visibility is on average around 25 meters.

What about the water temperature?

The water temperature will not go below 20 degrees. In late summer up to 30 degrees.

In which currency can I pay my bill at Blue Brothers Diving?

We accept Euro, Pound Sterling, US$, Egyptian Pound and Credit Cards (Master and Visa).

Can I dive with Blue Brothers Diving when I am travelling alone?

No problem at all – we will find a buddy for you.

Is it allowed to wear gloves in the Red Sea?

No! – Diving with gloves is strictly forbidden by law, in order to protect the underwater environment.

May I bring children with me on the dive boat?

Yes – you can bring children of any age. They are always welcome at Blue Brothers Diving. However, one parent must take care of the kids at all times. Children under the age of 10 can come on the boat free of charge.

Is there an Emergency Decompression Chamber in El Gouna?

Yes, there is Deco Chamber in El Gouna Hospital and the hyperbaric specialist is on duty 24hours a day, 365days a year. The Deco Chamber can be reached from the dive center within 5 minutes.

What do I have to bring to dive with Blue Brothers Diving?

To dive with us, you need to bring your diving certificate and your logbook. A medical statement from your doctor is only required in case of recent medical conditions. Otherwise, a medical statement needs to be filled in upon arrival. If you are unsure, we recommend consulting your doctor. If you have your own equipment – don’t forget to bring it along. You may also rent single equipment item or full equipment from us.

May I bring NON Divers with me on the dive boat?

Yes – Non-Divers are certainly welcome on board. We will charge them the same as snorkeling guest.

Do you offer night dives?

Yes – our dive boat does have a license for night dives. Minimum number of guests required is 6 divers.