El Gouna

El Gouna is a self-contained town on the beautiful Red Sea coast; El Gouna offers an unrivaled lifestyle. Built on 10 km of beach, the town spreads across islands and lagoons. Boasting a superb infrastructure and excellent services, the destination is a short flight from Europe. In El Gouna sandy beaches and ideal temperatures welcome visitors all year round.

El Gouna is unique as a Red Sea leisure destination due to its harmony and completeness as a town. Careful planning and superb architecture ensure that the resort’s many attractions are contained in a beautiful, immaculate and aesthetically unified setting.

The resort’s award-winning architecture brings together a blend of traditional and modern elements and is the work of an impressive list of prestigious architects including Italian Alfredo Freda and American Michael Graves. Here, a creative and diverse community of entrepreneurs, artists, environmentalists and sports enthusiasts make their home and give the town an eclectic and sophisticated international glamorous flavor.